Back to School

It is hard to believe that it is back to school time! The summer seems to fly by. I am going to miss the days spent at the pool and the park for sure. With the arrival of school and fall there can also be a great deal of nervous energy and anxiety. These feelings can be by both child and parent. So, it is really important to take a deep breath and develop a few easy steps to combat this. Here are a few of the suggestions I always put forward to my families:

  1. Have a solid bedtime routine – kids do best when they know what to expect. For example, they take a bath, set out their clothes for the following day, pack up their backpack, read books, and go to bed. This routine should be completed prior to bedtime. If your goal is an 8pm bedtime then the procedures should begin at 7:15. Make sure that they have an age appropriate bedtime. For example, you 5 year old should be in bed by no later than 8:30pm. A child who is sleepy will not be able to learn.
  2. Develop a morning routine – discuss healthy foods that will be served for breakfast, have lunches and backpacks ready to go. For some families, it works best to also select the clothes for the next day before going to bed. You can also create a schedule for your child. This is a great option for a tutor to also help with.
  3. Celebrate the beginning of school – buy new clothes and school supplies together! Have a back to school party … give something usually anxiety provoking and dreaded a fun twist!
  4. Talk- talk about the new school, the new teacher, old friends in the class, what the day will look like and so on with your child. This can help ease the anxiety of the transition and create a method for open communication.
  5. If possible, meet your child’s teachers. Discuss your child’s likes and dislikes, any health issues, best methods of communication, and other pertinent information. Being on the same page does wonders to ease the transition and make it smoother for all involved. Remember, the teacher is probably nervous too!
  6. Don’t forget to enjoy the new school year and its adventures.

You may not be able to implement all of these items. It may work best to just tackle a couple. If you need help with developing schedules and routines in your home it may be an option to contact a tutoring company. They can provide an unbiased and professional approach to routine development in the home.

Happy Fall!


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