Standardized Testing

How to prepare for testing…

It is elementary and middle school testing time! A long few weeks for many children and their families! Here are a few suggestions to help ease the anxiety in the home and to help your child go into testing as relaxed and confident as possible:

Standardized Testing Coping Strategies

Before the Test:

  • Ensure you have a positive environment (lights are appropriate, organized, calm, no TV, computer or cell phone)
  • Take a short study break to engage in a loved activity (ex: drawing, listening to music, dancing…)
  • Create a calming mantra for yourself (ex: I can do this or I have this…)
  • Believe in your ability to do well
  • Generate after test celebration ideas with friends and family
  • Get plenty of practice with test timing and pacing strategies
  • Look critically at questions you have gotten wrong and understand why to not make the same mistake again
  • Set a study schedule and routine (ex: Every day when I get home from school I will eat a snack and study 20 vocabulary words…)
  • Parents: Understand your child’s anxiety around test taking and do not place great pressure on them for a specific score
  • Parents: Select the test morning menu together and make a special “brain breakfast” (ex: omelette with fresh veggies, yogurt and granola…)


  • Don’t forget to sleep
  • Eat your brain breakfast before leaving for the test… you will need the energy!
  • Lots of anxiety: do some jumping jacks, take a short walk, listen to calming music

During the test:

  • Use new pencils that you selected yourself (something special)
  • Take a deep breathe
  • Recite calming mantra
  • Continue to believe in your ability to do well

After the test:

  • Celebrate!




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