DEM Tutoring is founded and owned by Danielle Meyer. She is an experienced educator and firmly believes that all children are capable of learning and succeeding.

Danielle Meyer, has taught for 6 years in both New York City and Florida. During her time in the classroom,  she planned reading, writing and math lessons that integrated multi-modal approaches and matched students’ specific IEP requirements. In order to better assist students needs Danielle is trained in Wilson Fundations, SRA Reading Mastery, and  Morningside Center. Additionally, Danielle has developed curriculum and grade level behavior management plans. Danielle earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts, Cum Laude, and her Master of Science degree in Special Education K-12 from Nova Southeastern University, Summa Cum Laude.

DEM Tutoring revolves around your child’s specific needs. We pride ourselves on being able to assess your individual child’s needs. By assessing the child’s specific needs we are able to prepare custom fit instruction for them. DEM Tutoring is also willing and able to communicate directly with your child’s school staff. DEM Tutoring believes that our comprehensive approach is integral to your child’s educational success. Our belief is that learning should be a positive and fun experience. We focus on creating approaches and strategies that will help your child be successful long after tutoring has ended.

To find out more information and to begin your child’s tutoring please call: 917-697-5942 or email at: demtutoring@gmail.com

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